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Welcome to Spenard!

We celebrate all musical genres and believe that Alaskan music builds and strengthens Alaskan community.


Spenard Jazz Fest (SJF) was founded in 2008 by a group of Anchorage musicians looking for a listening audience. Since then, Spenard Jazz Fest has presented hundreds of concerts, dance performances, jams, poetry readings, parades and pop-up concerts, film screenings, and art exhibits during the annual Main Stage Festival in May and June.


SJF house concerts and yard parties bring the music deep into the community. If you want music in your home for yourself and your friends, let us know! 

Over the past 16 years, SJF has showcased a massive amount of original music by local and visiting artists. This year, we celebrate the quality of Alaskan music by publishing THE ALASKA REAL BOOK with over 200 charts by AK composers.


The best part of Spenard Jazz Fest is our members. Become part of Spenard Jazz Fest today!

Looking for information on Spenard Jazz Fest 2023?

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